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At the Spring
William Shayer (1811-1891) At the Spring
Figures and Horses
Henry and Charles Shayer (1845-1890) Figures and Horses
18th Century Venetian View
Rialto Bridge 18th Century Venetian View
A Wet Road in Wales
David Bates (1840-1921) A Wet Road in Wales
A Forest Glade
David Bates (1840-1921) A Forest Glade
Military Charger
Claude Lorraine Ferneley (1822-1892) Military Charger
Venetian View
William Meadows (1825 - 1901) Venetian View
Walter Osborne (1859 - 1903) Russnarre
Portrait of a Terrier
John Emms (1841-1912) Portrait of a Terrier