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The Race Michael Jeffrey (1941 - 2013) The Race Horse and Jockey Michael Jeffrey (1941 - 2013) Horse and Jockey Start on the July Course Michael Jeffrey (1941 - 2013) Start on the July Course Tom Walls on Battles Alfred Grenfell Haigh (1870-1943) Tom Walls on Battles Greyhound in a Landscape Edwin Loder (1827-1885) Greyhound in a Landscape Elegant Lady riding SideSaddle 19th century English Elegant Lady riding SideSaddle Foxhounds in a landscape Samuel Marriot (1932-1997) Foxhounds in a landscape Portrait of a Horse Ernest Croft (1847-1911) Portrait of a Horse Coaches and Horsemen Richard Barret Davis (1782-1854) Coaches and Horsemen