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M. McMillan Fine Art deals primarily in nineteenth century original oil paintings, where we have been trading for over twenty-five years.  Our gallery is located at 26 Bute Street, South Kensington, SW7 3EX, London. We have a large selection of English and European paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries, with various subjects ranging from Venetian, Equestrian, Landscape, Seascape and many others. We also provide full restoration, cleaning and framing services, insurance valuations, probate and advice on acquisitions.

Orientalism: Pompeiian Opulence

Please see above a stunning image of 'The Whisper' by Belgian 19th century artist Pierre Joseph Oliver Coomans (1816 - 1889).  The painting is highly evocative and expressive, conveying both lament and languish in a hazy backdrop reminiscent of a classical Roman villa (a fascination of the time related to the recent excavations of Pompeii). Such imagery ties together with Orientalism and the West's fascination of the Oriental world's (North Africa, Near East, Ottoman Empire) oppulence and decadence. Please see below for more information on the painting.

Joseph Coomans (1816 - 1889)

The Whisper

Oil on panel

Size 14 x 20 inches


Majestic Seascape

The seascape above is a wonderful painting by Edwin Hayes RHA (1819 - 1904). It is a stunning example of the power and majesty of great marine art, where towering sails are contrasted with the terrifying swells of the sea. Marine art has historically been a very important genre in early modern Europe, as it so elegantly captures the military might of the technological wonders of the time: the great seafaring vessels of European navies. The scene above depicts vessels off the shore of Copenhagen, with Kronberg Castle, the setting for Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', in the background.  

Edwin Hayes RHA (1819 - 1904)

Off Copenhagen

Oil on canvas

Size 30 x 32 inches



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