McMillan Fine Art Financing

McMillan Fine Art Ltd., in association with our banking partner, offers a financing option for purchasing fine art.  We have a number of structures where clients can part pay for the paintings and pay the balance over a period of time. We can help them acquire paintings through other dealers and auction and generally take the stress from high level fine art acquisitions. Over a short period or long period, we can enable clients to rationalise their collection in a structured payment system.

We also have the capability of releasing equity in a cash form from existing collections. Clients can borrow money against their paintings and depending on the amount, the painting can still remain in their possesion. A member of our team will do current evaluation of the stock and the loan will be based on that evaluation. The owner will own a percentage of the painting until the debt is cleared.  

Effectively, we can help you manage and monetise your assets. We offer an initial free consultation service and upon inspection we can also manage to create potential revenue for your own Art assets. McMillan Fine Art has been based in South Kensington for over twenty years; we have gained a lot of experience in building and developing collections. To this end, we have discovered an ever increasing demand for financing art. We offer a confidential and discreet service which we will deliver in a very professional manner.

If you have any questions or corncerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email, or feel free to come visit our gallery at 26 Bute Street in South Kensington.


Telephone: 020 7581 1111