William Duffield (1816 - 1863) Fruits and Basket Still Life Oil on Canvas 20 x 30 inches

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Fruits and Basket Still Life

William Duffield was a still life painter born in Bath in 1816 and died aged 47 at the height of his career. Duffield married Mary Elizabeth Rosenberg who was also a painter of fruit and flowers, and they were believed to have painted together multiple times. Duffield specialised in painting fruit, vegetables, meat, and game within his paintings.

At an early age, Duffield displayed predilection and talent for drawing. In fact, George Doo, the famous engraver, was so struck by his faithful and highly elaborate pen-and-ink sketches of his engravings that he offered to take Duffield as his pupil without premium. A few years later Duffield placed himself under George Lance at the Royal Academy, and was noted for his unremitting attention and assiduity as a student. After completing his courses of study in London, he studied for two years under Egide Charles Gustave Wappers in Antwerp. Duffield exhibited his works at the Royal Academy and British Institution, although preferring the Society of British Artists in Suffolk Street, where he exhibited 38 works.

Duffield's work can now be seen in galleries such as the Victoria Art Gallery and the Holburne Museum. His works have been sold at auction reaching heights of $21,018 USD at Christies in 2017 for ‘A black grouse, a greyhen, a wood pigeon and a pheasant beside grapes, pears and a melon in a wicker basket, on a partially draped ledge’.




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