John Sanderson Wells In Full Cry Oil on Canvas 18 x 24 inches

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In Full Cry
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John Sanderson Wells (1872-1955) was a celebrated English sporting artist.  He specialises in equestrian sporting art, depicitng English country gentlemen in hunting or racing scenes.  His work is praised for both its realism and composition, but also hints of romanticism and nostalgia that hark back to the Victoria era and the waning days of aristocracy and rural divertisments. 

The second painting of the pair depicts the hunt in full flow.  The foxhounds are in full pursuit as the huntsman blows his horn, with his companion on the galloping horse in the background.  The scene is very tastefully composed, with the hunting party emerging from the trees onto the plains at full gallop, suggesting both a sudden emergence of excitement and tension as the hunt reaches its climax.  The master of the hunt in the foreground takes center-stage of the painting, as he blows his buggle to signal the pursuit to both his companion and the eager foxhounds.  A wonderful contrast to its calmer counterpart, the painting sets a wonderful tone of both excitement and climactic tension, as the hunt reaches its most important stage.  


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