John Clayton Adams Panoramic View in Surrey Oil on Canvas 22 x 34 inches

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Panoramic View in Surrey

The painting above is a beautiful, romantic view of a popular Victorian tourist destination: Leith Hill, Surrey.  Typical of the time, the mid-Victorian landscape captures the atmosphere of rural romanticism through a soft realism and picturesque setting.  For wealthy urban patrons, pictures of country scenes were important reminders of the importance of nature and rural life that so captivated the 19th century.  Such pictures of the age stemmed from the French philospher Jean Jacques Rousseau's emphasis on the importance of nature, and the romantic poets' and artists' reaction against the neo-classical rationalism of the 18th century's Age of Enlightenment.  Clayton Adam's beautiful and quaint depiction of the hills of South-West England are an important escape to a quainter and simpler reality, just as important today as it was for the industrialising world of the 19th century.


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