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Eastern Town Scene Richard Foster PRP (b. 1945) Eastern Town Scene Spanish Bull Fighters pair Joaquin Terruella (1891 - 1957) Spanish Bull Fighters pair Racehorse with Jockey Lionel Hamilton Renwick (1917 - 2003) Racehorse with Jockey The Running Grey 19th Century English The Running Grey A Fine Country Landscape John W Burgess (1814 - 1874) A Fine Country Landscape Sailing off Cowes pair Stephen Renard (b. 1947) Sailing off Cowes pair Country Landscape with Figures Henry John Boddington (1811 - 1865) Country Landscape with Figures Still Life with Fruit Charles Thomas Bale (1849 - 1925) Still Life with Fruit Fruits and Basket Still Life William Duffield (1816 - 1863) Fruits and Basket Still Life