Stephen Renard (b. 1947) Sailing off Cowes pair Oil on Canvas 8 x 12 inches

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Sailing off Cowes pair

Stephen Renard was born in Huddersfield in 1947. Although interested and clearly talented in art, he chose to pursue a career as a science teacher. After an initial period of teaching, he decided to become a portrait painter, and supplemented his income as an illustrator of children comics.

In 1981, Renard bought a boat, which developed his love of the sea and sailing, and inspired many of his paintings. Renard's skillful depictions of yachting scenes quickly became very popular with marine art enthusiasts and art dealers, allowing him to become one of the worlds leading painters of yachting subjects. His work continues to be in constant demand from collectors and sold at auction houses throughout the world.  

Indeed, Renard's work is both evocative and precise, with the yachts often towering across the center of the canvas, dwarfing the meticulously painted waves. As an artist, Renard portrays both the excitement and beauty of yachting scenes, offering a curious twist on the sublime. In his works, it is not the beauty of nature, but of the majestic yacht, that expands the horizon and dwarfs its surroundings, stunning the viewer with its awesome power and humbling beauty.  


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