Di Mario Venetian Canal Oil on Canvas 28 x 32 inches

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Venetian Canal

The landscape above is a romantic, impressionistic depiction of a quaint and picturesque Venetian canal by the celebrated Italian artist Di Mario.  Venetia cityscapes have always been very popular in European art from the eighteenth century onwards.  Often, prominent British artistocrats and royalty would embark upon a 'Grand Tour' of Europe for a few years, traveling to popular sites of antiquity and culture in Italy.  To commemorate their travels, they would often commission popular artists such as Cannaletto or Prichett to paint beautiful cityscapes for them to return to England with.  More often than not, such cityscapes were views of Venice, as the bustling city which flourished in the thirtheenth and fourteenth centuries became a popular city for tourism, luxury, and divertisement, as it lost its status as a Meitarranean trading empire and reoriented its focus to being a hotspot of culture and society.  

Di Mario's depiction of a quiet Venetian canal captures the true quality and feeling of an otherwise active and bustling city, revealing by tactful brushstrokes and impressionistic detail to light a quiet corner of recluse from the busy main canals.  A true testament to Venice's romance, Di Mario honestly captures the beauty and quaintness of the influential city.  


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